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At Erin Mills United Church (EMUC) we gather to worship each Sunday at 10 am.  This is a traditional service.  People arrive early to connect with friends, reflect and centre themselves before worship. Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of every month.

EMUC also holds a mid-week service from 6:45 pm to 7:15 pm on Wednesday.  This is a small casual service which focuses on prayer and Communion.  Take a break in the middle of your busy week to reconnect with God and renew your spirit through prayer and quiet meditation.


Music is an integral part of worship.  On any given Sunday, you may hear the grand piano, organ, violin, flute, guitar and the voices of a number of singing groups.  There are also many opportunities for singing together.

Music is provided at weekly services by the Chancel Choir.  The Impromptu women’s singing group or Off the Cuff men’s singing group provide additional pieces of music on special occasions.   Guest musicians and musical groups are sometimes part of Sunday service as well as the special Vesper services throughout the year.  They are a wonderful addition to our musical offerings and are very inspirational.




Who Can Worship?

All are welcome to come to worship.  Come as you are.  Dress is as varied as the people themselves…anything from jeans to a suit and even shorts in the warm weather are fine.


What to Expect in Sunday Worship

EMUC is the only church in Erin Mills with a church bell which rings at 11:00 am every weekday and on Sunday.  Listen for it to welcome you to come in for an hour or so of worship and share a special time with God.

The building is open concept with bright welcoming worship space.  It is air-conditioned with comfortable chairs and some pews.  The church is often decorated with flowers or with special decorations in the various seasons of the church year.  There is an excellent sound system and much of the service is projected onto a screen so the service is easy to follow.

Upon entering the church, there are greeters who welcome you at the door.  Ushers will ensure you receive a bulletin containing the order of the service and will help you get seated.  You may sit anywhere you like.

The service is planned by the worship team with the minister and contains a mixture of traditional and innovative elements to enhance the experience for all who attend.  There is time for prayer, music, story telling, Bible readings, inspiring messages, welcoming and sharing, and a social time with refreshments.  The format of worship services is varied using homilies, shared conversations, music, drama, videos, dance, creative readings, art and photography and other imaginative media.

There is a ‘quiet’ room where people with infants or toddlers can go and still see and hear the service, without fear of their children disturbing others.  A diaper-changing table is available in the wheelchair-accessible washroom on the main floor, just through the door near the coffee area.

Children are welcome to stay with their parents during the service or they may choose to go to EMU Club where special children’s programs and activities occur at the time of the sermon.  Depending on the number of children, this may be held in the ‘quiet’ room or in the lower level.


Social Time After Service

After the service, coffee and refreshments are served at the back of the church.  This is a social time to connect with people.  The minister and a ‘welcome’ person are available to answer questions of newcomers and visitors.  A guest book is also available for newcomers and guests to register.



Being engaged enhances your worship experience.  Be part of the…


Worship Planning Team

Help plan creative, meaningful worship services, decorate the worship space and assist in coordinating each Sunday’s worship service.  We welcome your gifts.  Please advise the minister, the Worship Committee Chair, the Focus Circle Leader, or the Worship Coordinator, if you are interested in participating in various ways.


Music Committee

Join the music committee to help plan music for services and special occasions. Help create a new group.  Vocal and instrumental music is welcome.


Greeters, Ushers and Worship Coordinators

Each week, people are needed  to greet people at the door and to welcome each person arriving for the service.  Others act as ushers helping people find a seat, assisting those who may need help and ensuring everyone has an order of service.  They also help with collecting the offering. Please sign the bulletin board or advise the Worship Coordinator or minister if you would like to help in this way.


Host Coffee Time

Help prepare and serve coffee for the Social Time after the service.


Creative Writing and Reading

Offer to write/give prayers or to read the scripture lessons during the services.  Give an announcement, or help prepare advertising material to promote church activities.


Technology Team

Learn to run our sound system effectively to help with the audio-visual effects used during the services.


Drama Group

Create dramas and participate in their production.


Art, Photography, Movies and Films

Create, share/loan your wall hangings, sculptures, decorations or scenic vacation photos or recommend film clips to enhance the worship services theme.



Liturgical dance is sometimes used to enhance particular themes and introduces another way to worship.

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