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Building & Property

Building and Property Management Committee:

This is a group of men and women who oversee the maintenance and servicing of the building and the surrounding property. When repairs are required this group either finds people within the congregation who can perform the repairs or hires, with the Leadership Circle’s approval, contractors who specialize in the work required. Examples of this committee’s work are painting, electrical, plumbing, roofing repairs, installation of handrails, managing the installation and maintenance contracts of HVAC system and the service contracts for the upkeep of the surrounding property.

Gardening Group:

This group looks after the grounds and gardens.  In 2016, the Spirit Garden on the west side of the church was planted. 

Our Spirit Garden

A 'Green' Church

EMUC has made a conscious decision to create clean energy, and thereby reduce its carbon footprint.  In 2012, EMUC installed a 52-panel solar system on its roof to generate electricity to the local grid.  This 20-year microFIT contract with the Ontario Power Authority provides reliable electricity to the Province of Ontario and a steady revenue stream for the church.
EMUC has undertaken a number of initiatives to help our environment:
•    Infusing ongoing support for creation into our worship and spiritual life.
•    Conducting an energy audit in 2010 on a physical and operational basis to determine our energy consumption characteristics.
•    Joining in 2011 the Halton Environmental Network and the Community Environment Alliance of Peel in a collaborative partnership to form the Peel/ Halton chapter of Greening Scared Spaces. EMUC led a three-year Ontario Trillium Foundation grant to support the chapter.
•    Installation of solar panels on the roof of our building in 2012.
•    Recycling of paper in partnership with Abitibi Paper. 
•    Collection of alkaline and lithium batteries to be taken to the Mississauga Hazardous Waste Depot.
•    Collection of tabs from drink cans for recycling with the proceeds used to purchase wheelchairs.
•    Hosting a Community Garden on church property. This initiative was discontinued in 2014. 
•    Planting trees and shrubs on the property
•    Replacing sanctuary lights to reduce electricity consumption.
•    Conversion of all T12 fluorescent bulbs in our building to T8 bulbs, which consume less electricity and have a longer life span.
•    Installing water-conserving toilets in the church.
•    Addition of insulation on south walls of the church when vinyl siding was installed.
•    Retrofitting our Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System incorporating energy conservation strategies.
•    Hosting workshops focusing on environmental issues.
In 2013 the Peel-Halton Chapter of Greening Scared Spaces recognized Erin Mills United Church for its interest and concern in caring for creation. 

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