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► Friday February 15 - Friday Message 


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February 17 10:00 AM Worship Service
February 19 12:00 PM Worship Committee Meeting
February 19 06:45 PM Leadership Circle Meeting
February 13 02:00 PM Circle of Friends
February 20 06:45 PM Prayers and Communion service
February 21 07:00 PM Chancel Choir
February 24 10:00 AM Worship Service


Refugee Sponsorship Appeal


Target: $ 10 000


Total amount raised to date: - $9,496


We are very close to reaching our fundraising goal of $10,000 dollars thanks to your generosity. Nadeem and his family, and Tarek are all grateful for everything that you have done to welcome them and help them to adjust to their new life in Canada. Nadeem has secured a probationary position in I.T. and is proud to be able to contribute to the family’s support. Tarek continues to volunteer as an interpreter and mentor other new comers. He is anxious to find meaningful work. Thank you for your generosity and continuing support of the Refugee Sponsorship Fund.



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