Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Volunteer Opportunities

EMUC offers families and individuals a safe place to search for meaning and purpose in life, to connect with others, to grow in faith as adults and children, and to explore and develop new skills.  Engagement in worship services, committees and social groups is a good way to achieve these objectives and to live your faith.  Everyone is encouraged to ‘put down your roots and let your spirit soar!’

Following are a number of opportunities to get involved at EMUC and to share your time and your talents:

•    Chair, Worship Committee

•    Chair, Fundraising Committee

•    Members for Ministry and Personnel Committee

•    Members for Erinview Lodge Worship team

•    Leaders for Junior Youth and Teen Talk

•    Coordinator for Bell Choir

•    Organizers for the Green Team

  • Projectionist

If interested in helping in any of the above, please speak to a member of the Nominating Committee (Paul Marot, David Leeder, Sandy Hayes, Barb Jennings), the Focus Circle Leader for that area, the Chair of the committee or the Office Administrator.

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