Join the team and enhance your worship experience! We seek to include a mixture of traditional and innovative elements in worship services to enhance the experience for all who attend.

This team will assist in planning and creating meaningful worship services by using

  • music
  • drama
  • film
  • dance
  • videos
  • creative readings
  • photography
  • art
  • sculpture
  • sounds
  • and other imaginative media

The intent is to enhance the experience of worship.

We need your help and gifts!  Please advise our Ministers, Worship Chair, or Worship Coordinator if you are interested in any of the areas outlined below.

Creating and participating

Join the existing music committee and groups or help create a new one. Vocal and instrumental music is welcomed.

Art, Photography, and Design 
Create, share/loan your wall hangings, sculptures, decorations, or scenic vacation photos. 

Movie and Films 
Watch movies, You Tube, etc. and recommend showing specific scenes during services to enhance that worship's theme

Dance can be used in a liturgical way to enhance particular themes.

Creative Writing 
Write prayers, readings, or promote church activities (advertising).

Technology Team 
Learn to run our sound system effectively to help during services. Become part of an equipment crew for audio and visual enhancements of services.

Greeters, Ushers and Worship Coordinators
Each week, Greeters shake hands and welcome each person arriving for Sunday service. Other volunteers help seat those needing assistance and provide copies of the order of service.  If you want to help, please use the sign-up sheets on the bulletin board or advise the Minister, Worship Chair, or Worship Coordinator.


Volunteer for scripture reading, reflection readings, and other special roles during services.  Sign-up sheets are located on the back bulletin board.

Social Gathering
After worship, the congregation is invited to mingle and chat. We welcome assistance from refreshment hosts who prepare for and clean-up after these social gatherings.

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