On November 23, 2012, EMUC turned on the 52 panel system, generating electricity to the grid. Our contract with Ontario Power Authority guarantees the 80.2 cents per kilowatt produced for the 20 years of the contract. This, like all microFIT contracts, provides reliable electricity to the Province of Ontario and a steady revenue stream for the owner of the system. 

Our system consists of the roof attached panels, inverters and controllers, tied to a meter which measures the electricity production entering the grid.

Because our roof orientation is not ideal, EMUC’s panels are evenly divided between the east and west sides, allowing the sun to sweep over the panels each day. The past two years have good solar generating years, with bright sunshine in the high sun months. 

EMUC has made a conscious decision to create clean energy, and thereby reduce its carbon footprint.

The pictures show our solar panels in the west side of the roof and the Fronius inverter which converts alternating current from the panels to direct current for the grid.



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