The first United Church community in Erin Mills began in 1973, worshiping at Brookmede Public School. Then in 1974, in an ecumenical spirit, the congregation, now called Crossroads United Church became part of the Erin Mills Church Campus, in the building near South Common Mall. The Campus also provided worship and office spaces for St. Thomas Anglican Church, Glenbrook Presbyterian Church, and Credit Valley Baptist Church.


Over time, the Campus space became too small to accommodate the growth and viability of so many churches under one roof. Halton Presbytery guided Crossroads United through a period of consultation with the result that in 1988, Crossroads gave ‘birth’ to Erin Mills United Church. With the appointment of ministers to work with the congregation, Erin Mills United planned and worked toward a move to a new location at the corner of Winston Churchill and The Collegeway. In the summer of 1992, the new church building was completed and the congregation celebrated an inaugural service on July 5th, 1992. The new church was formally dedicated on October 4th.

In its 20 years on the corner of Winston Churchill and The Collegeway, EMUC has served the community by providing space for groups such as AA and two other congregations (a Korean and Tamil congregation), offering a variety of programs for all ages, partnering with ecumenical, interfaith and other community groups in initiatives for youth and those on social assistance. OASIS, an EMUC summer drop-in program for youth has now grown into Erin Mills Youth Centre which offers programing for youth year-round.

EMUC’s property supports a community garden, the first to be established in Mississauga, and on November 27th, 2011, EMUC became the first church in Mississauga to install solar panels on its roof.

EMUC expresses the love of Christ through its commitment to youth in the community, its support of those on social assistance, its care for the environment, and its partnerships with other churches, faith groups and local not-for-profit agencies. EMUC seeks to be a community where all can ‘put down their roots and let their spirits soar’. 

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